Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Karen's August Visit to Oregon

International Rose Test Garden, Portland

Cannon Beach

Ecola State Park

Hug Point

Cape Meares

Lewisburg Saddle

Lake Swimming

Saturday, March 2, 2013

More canoeing, and some other stuff...

Screwing around by Fort Rock
The waterline where waves from an ancient inland lake eroded the rock
Doesn't look like it, but there is a tiny shelf he is walking on
We were wondering if anyone ever climbs here... we found a little evidence, but not much.
Out in that flatland is where the old lake was.
Pretty steep off the north side!
Not too many folks out here... :)
Looking north towards Paulina Peak
Some good people right there!
Exploring "crack in the ground"
In places it's about 100' deep and just a few feet wide.
Some more good people right there...
Twas super slippery in the bottom. 
Cool moss on the rocks that rarely sees the sun.
Pretty easy to gawk down in the bottom.  Reminds me of Utah slot canyons, except basalt!
There are some fantastic bouldering and climbing opportunities here.
We played in this spot for about half an hour.
We didn't bother with climbing shoes, fun even without.
Hartzy catches some air
Jennie working on one of the traverses. 
In lots of places, small pillar collapses require you walk under huge balanced boulders.
Looking down into the crack
View from the top of Ball Butte
If you are wondering, the snow was pretty crappy...
...but the views didn't suck at all!
Broken Top
Paddling the Siltcoos River, through sand dunes to the coast.
Pretty neat to float a river all the way to where the waves are breaking!
Hamburger Air
The obligatory canoe portrait
Pretty cool area!
Sunset Bay
Clearly our dog as adjusted to the rigorous canoeing lifestyle
This is Tahkenitch Lake
Carnivorous pitcher plants
Sunset at Neptune, all to ourselves...
Loving the new camera lens!
Nice to hang out on the coast until sunset... Especially when you've got a whole beach to yourself!
My good buddy Chris was up for a visit, so of course we took him to the coast... Kinda a winter theme for us!
A nice Douglas Fir
Another beach to ourselves...
Cool sand patterns...